Friday, October 3, 2014

Quickie on Ebola

I haven't commented upon Ebola.  Ebola as a topic is like a lot of things in this culture.  It is fashionable to talk about, but not necessarily fashionable to actually do anything about.

It's also like terrorism in one respect, and that is in the way it can be avoided.  How?  Keep them out of the country.  Nobody coming in from that region means nobody is likely to transmit the disease to anybody here.  Problem solved.  Next problem please.

Could it be that our country has become dumbed down?  Why, hell yes.  Barnhardt put up a link to the IQ's of various nations.  It used to be policy that we favored the immigration of the highest IQ groups.  Not anymore.  It shouldn't be a surprise then, that we have an Ebola case now.  The IQ has been been dumbed down, just like our population has been dumbed down.  Just like our education has been dumbed down.  Just like our information providers have been dumbed down.

Somebody in the upper echelons of government wants the country dumbed down and they are succeeding.

What do you do about this?

I'm scratching my head on that one.   I've certainly offered my ideas on how to improve things, but it doesn't generate much interest.

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