Thursday, October 2, 2014

Auger Bit Extensions - Tools - IRWIN TOOLS

Auger Bit Extensions - Tools - IRWIN TOOLS

Want to use this to drill my post holes.  Use a drill in order to make it easier :-)  An old dude needs all the help he can get.

Update ( Saturday morning 10/4 ):

I misplaced my drill and now I've found it!  It also has a 1/2 hole borer bit that I used back then.  It's been 20 years since I've last used this drill.  It still works.  It draws 360 watts, according to the box it came in.

It may take a bit more than what I've got in order to make what I want to make.  So, I'll have an extension and an auger bit to drill down a couple feet.  Pour the concrete in and set the foundation.  If things work out well enough for the carport, I'll use it to make a foundation for a cabin.

This one now goes into the off the grid series.  Other posts this week also could go, but I'm trying to keep this manageable.

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