Friday, October 3, 2014

New Humidifier/Condenser set up

I was really hot to trot to try this new setup for my water filtration experiment.  Basically, I just wanted to see how it all worked.  I ran it for one hour and collected 4 ounces.  This was similar to what I got last weekend.

The difference this time is that I diverted the water collection away from the machine.  It stayed mostly dry, while most of the condensation took place inside of the plastic container.

No attempt was made to test efficiency.

There's some room for improvement in the results, or at least I hope so.

Here are some videos describing the setup and results.

Humidifier condenses and collects water:

Humidifier experiment part 2:

Humidifier experiment part 3 results:

Update ( Saturday morning, first thing ):

Just completed the second run.  The significant change was the addition of a frozen cooling thingie that I used for my lunch bucket. It went into the cooler.  The idea was to get more condensation in the plastic container.  The interesting thing is it didn't.  Most of the condensation took place in the Ozarka bottle on top of the humidifier!  It pushed the condensation backwards toward the source.  A second thing I noticed was that it caused freezing on the cooling thingie.  Water ice got on it.  How much?  Not much, but noticeable.

The amount of water collected was only slightly increased.  I did note how much was used, and about 3 ounces of water was lost.  Just under 25%, since I used exactly one pint of water.

I will try again later today.

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