Monday, September 29, 2014

The Political Divorce That Changed History

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...Eliza Allen, Houston’s new wife, was believed to be a prim and proper Southern Belle from a well established and wealthy family of Tennessee’s landed aristocracy....The couple married on January 22, 1829. It was one of the grandest social occasions ever to have taken place in Middle Tennessee....Their happiness would not last through the wedding night....One thing is almost certain, though. Eliza was probably shocked and disgusted at the sight of Houston’s naked, or near naked body which still showed the ravages of Creek Indian arrows and rifle balls. Houston’s shoulder was permanently discolored from the infection he suffered from lead shot. His thigh was severely damaged by a Creek arrow, and that wound continued to discharge fluid his entire life.

If you don't know the significance of Sam Houston, then shame on you.  That man made Abe Lincoln's presidency possible.  It made the country.  How many people know that?

Yet that wouldn't have happened if the divorce didn't happen.  That's what the article is about.

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