Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mahablog: "Too Broke to Fix"

The left must sense defeat is in the air.  So, they are casting about for villains and excuses for their most recent failure of a presidency.

One excuse is that their message just isn't getting out.  The interesting thing to me is not whether or not this is true or not, but what their solution is.  Their solutions tend to always be towards more government, more rules, more regulations.  This time, they want to regulate political speech itself.  It is based upon the proposition that if the truth were known, things would go more their way.

That little complaint is a "dog that won't hunt".  The left is getting most everything they want.  What real opposition has there been to Obama?  If he can't get something through the Congress, he just goes around it with executive orders.  If he oversteps his authority, what can be done about it?  The GOP cannot impeach him and get it to stick.  There's no accountability and he knows it.  What is stopping him from doing whatever he wants?

So, their solutions tend to even more of what isn't working already.  If you don't like it, you just might end up in jail for "lying" without a license.  In other words, you are not a part of the main stream media, which is really run by and for Democrats.  Are they really going to try to say that it is otherwise?  Why, yes they will.  For Fox is just a propaganda network, she says.  As if Fox, even if it that were true, had the monopoly upon the news.  It makes little difference if Fox were truly run by and for the GOP.  It only balances off what the other networks are doing for the Democrats.  But I suspect that this isn't even true.  I don't watch Fox or any news on television at all, so I can't say for certain.  The thing that got me to stop is that NONE of it is worth a damn.  The premise is that private news networks are going to supply you with impartial news.  Wrong.  They will be biased towards whatever their political point of view actually is.  That's how the world works.

What we've got here, I suspect, is that a lot of control freaks who want even more control.  For they've got themselves believing that there is a lack of control, which is contributing to their failures.  No.  Their failures are caused by the fact that their policies are bad, not because of their lack of control.  Giving them even more control just compounds the "problem".  I think the "problem" lies with themselves.  The world really doesn't need them and may well be better off without them.  Their great fear is that the world might discover that and that may well be the end of their dominance over our lives.


I want to add further that Maha doesn't want more debate.  I tried to debate on her blog, but she kicked me off.  No, she doesn't want more debate.  She wants more control.

That's her argument now:  more control.  Her argument back then was "checks and balances".  Quite a different argument, I'd say.  They weren't interested in checks and balances, and they aren't interested in more debate.  "The debate is over" for global warming, for example.  Nope, the debate is over period.  The last things these people want is an honest debate.

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