Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wolf v. Lamb and Aesop's Fables

It's always one of my favorites and it sums up nicely the problem that conservatives have with liberals.

Here it is again in this excellent piece via Free Republic.  You can see it in the comments section as well.

The fable says that force gets the better of the argument and presents the story of the Lamb v the Wolf to prove the point.  The Wolf makes all kinds of accusations against the Lamb, which the Lamb refutes brilliantly.  Finally, the Wolf gets tired of the argument and eats the Lamb anyway.  So you see, the argument itself means nothing.  Superior force mattered in the outcome.

All you need to know when a liberal starts talking like this is to ask their intentions.  Just ask this in response to all the calumny:  "Do you intend to use force upon me or others like me in order to change all of that in which you speak of, yes or no?"

If the answer is "yes", then end the discussion then and there.  There's no point in arguing with someone who thinks they have the right to use force upon you.  In fact, you might want to disclose that the use of force cannot be condoned, and if such be the case, that you intend to fight back with deadly force should that become necessary.

The problem with the right in so many cases, maybe including this well-written article, is that conservatives seem to believe that the argument matters.  The leftist has already made up his mind and has already decided what he is going to do about you---he will run right over you.  You can decide to let yourself be roadkill or become more forceful in your own response.

The tried and true method of cooling off an aggressor is the will to fight.  That will deter an aggressor.  The aggressor seeks easy prey, and will go elsewhere looking for a victim.  Works every time.


Another example in the field of debate.  The winner: Bentsen by TKO.  Quayle threw in the towel.

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