Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Activated Charcoal Powder For Water Filtration Experiment


Perhaps this can be used for my water filter device.

I'm going to try this.  I ordered some.

On another note, I checked my math on the concrete needed for the carport. It was way too much.  I may get by with just a couple of 80 lb sacks of concrete.  In addition to that, I think that I will keep the pouring of it as simple as possible.  Instead of trying to pour down a skinny drilled hole, I won't pour anything at all down there.  It is possible that I will try pouring it into something that I will take out there, but I haven't decided upon that yet.  In other words, some of the work could be done here, which can help my productivity out there.

This will go into the off-the-grid series.


The shipment is on its way.  Probably won't get it before the weekend, though.


Spinning this one off for sub project and therefore a sub series for the water filtration sub system.  These posts will be linked together, so the next one is linked below, the next in the main series is here.

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