Sunday, October 5, 2014

Oh, goody. Another skill set to learn

Could it be that I'm losing enthusiasm for my project?  Possibly.  You hear so many negative things that the negativity starts to seep in a little.

Yes, another skill set.  There will be undoubtedly many more to come.  I have to remember that there is no rush to do this.  There is time, or at least, I think there's time.

This morning, I noticed fence posts and began thinking more about how to build them on my property.  Of course, I've never done this before, so I'm a novice at this.  I did help my brother-in-law to nail in some fencing on his new house back in the seventies.  But the fence post?  No, those were already done by the time I got there.

Yesterday, I found my drill, which I had misplaced.  I got the idea that I could use this drill to "drill down" in the hard pan out there for my post hole.  This may not be a good idea, but since I don't know any better, I may try it anyway.

My drill has a bit that will make a bore hole 1/2 inch thick.  What I were to use that bit, plus an extension, to drill down a couple feet for a "fence" post.  Unfortunately, it looks like there any metal posts that skinny.  But PVC might be, so I got the idea to use PVC pipe for my posts.  It would be reinforced with rebar, so as to give strength.  It would be anchored in concrete from 2 feet towards the surface.  At the surface, I would widen it out a bit and make it into a platform, into which more concrete will be pored.  At the end of this little project, I would hope that the carport would be strong enough to do what I want it to do--- to provide shade above, and some wind protection to two sides at a time.

But that word boring bit won't work, most likely.  I'll have to buy something that might work, but the drill may not be powerful enough.  I updated the link to the website where I might find something that could work.  That's more money and the risk is that it won't work at all.

Now, for the PVC.  That's an entirely new subject in which I am going to have to learn about.  Yay...

I don't need enthusiasm to work on this project.  I will proceed with grim determination if I have to.

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