Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Water issues

I've been keeping close track of the weather in Sierra Blanca.  What caught my eye was that the relative humidity is higher than I thought it would be, especially at night.  However, for the last few days, it has been pretty low.  This may complicate things a bit, as I figured on getting some water from the condensation of relative humidity from the atmosphere.

That could mean redoubled efforts elsewhere to keep from running short on water.

 Recycling the grey water has not been demonstrated, but it may be getting closer.  Cleaning up dirty water with bleach is a trick that I had forgotten about.  Also, it hasn't been established yet that the water can be cleaned up with the humidifier/condenser yet.  That includes getting chemicals out.    You don't want to send dirty water through the humidifier.  Getting the bugs out is a step forward.

I've been thinking of some ideas on how to improve that device.  One is to use a lot of tubing that has frozen water or whatever in it.  This will increase the surface area so as to encourage condensation.  Another is to make the container bigger.  There's a lot of pressure coming off the humidifier.  It makes it hard to keep the leaks from sending a lot of water vapor out into the air.  It may be better to keep as much of the water vapor within the system as is possible.  Lowering the pressure may help that.  Three ideas to try, but no time to try them.

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