Saturday, October 11, 2014

Giving my drill a workout

I drilled a few holes today with the drill.  Yep, even though I've had this drill for 20 years, I've hardly ever used it.  I'm a real greenhorn with this, so I need some practice.  I drilled a hole in wood.  I drilled a hole in the dried up soil that I was used in the filtration experiments.  It was caked up real hard, almost like a brick.  I'm thinking:  "maybe this is what that hard pan will be like".  It seemed like some good practice.

Besides that, I went back a researched some drill bits for this thing.  The one I have for it won't exactly be long for my purposes.  I want to go a couple feet deep.  I went through several pages of drill bits ( extensions and adapters mainly, but other interesting things popped up) before I quit on that for now.  Just for reference, just in case I forget, I'd like to refer to the link above and this one to find that one again that is like what I've got, plus some extensions if I can find them.

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