Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Post hole issues

A lot of thought is going into this issue as well.

My trouble may be in overengineering these things.  Need to keep in mind that the thing doesn't have to be the Taj Mahal.

It looks like it may take about 6 80 lb sacks of concrete to do this job.  That seems like a lot.  If I fiddle around with this long enough, that number could get smaller.  Maybe it ought to be smaller in terms of concrete bags needed.

The carport may end up being more like a big tent.  I'm thinking it needs to be enclosed because the wind may get into it and turn it into a gigantic kite.

The idea is to make the thing portable.  I take out the poles and tarp to the location and put it up on each trip.  The poles will go into a concrete hole, and the tarps will fit on the poles.  There needs to be a lot of fittings and such.  The framework will be made of PVC piping and fixtures.

I priced ready made ones and they are too expensive.  Plus they don't have the permanent fixtures installed.

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