Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The things you hear

Want remember what I spoke about today in conversations with people I see everyday. It was one about using surgical gloves and masks for Ebola protection. There was another one about classes at Home Depot. Then there was one about living on the land and retiring on your LAND. Finally there was one about a company that was looking for investors to grow and sell marijuana.


Of course, I wrote this reminder because if I hadn't, I would have forgotten these conversations.

With respect to surgical gloves and masks for Ebola protection:

The Deputy who went to the infected man's home was not wearing protection.  Now, he and his family are under surveillance.  If he had followed procedures carefully, this wouldn't be happening.  Not only has this endangered his own life, and his family's, but many, many more.  This is his job, and these people are falling down on their jobs.  The Deputy should not be blamed fully for this, but it is HIS job.  This is where everybody needs to wake up, because they are depending on people up top to be doing their jobs and they aren't.

With the classes at Home Depot:

I didn't mention this to the guy, but the use of videos on Youtube may be more efficient in terms of time.  I don't have time to take classes.  But it is useful to know that I can.

With one about living off your land:

I wanted to remember this one because it struck me that the guy was getting the same kind of response I'm getting.  Too many people want to take the easy way out.  It may be necessary to be able to live off the land, especially if civilization breaks down.  This is a real possibility because of something like Ebola or a major war.  It's all happened before.  We aren't immune.  Remember 9-11?  I remember coming back into downtown Houston in the rush hour on that day and it was abandoned.  That was the most bizarre thing that I could recall up to that point.  There could be more and more such events.  Why there was those 70 mile traffic jams with respect to the hurricane evacuations.  Never saw anything like that one before.  Those were examples of near term anomalies.  What about longer term ones?  We weren't prepared then, and we aren't prepared now.  Nobody wants to think of these things.  But they do want to think about elections.  Not because they'll actually vote or anything.  Or become educated about issues or anything.  No, it is to be entertained.

The one about growing marijuana:

The guy said might as well because it is legal now.  Unfortunately, yes, this is true.  But is it right?  Nobody seems to want to ask that question.  Too many seem to be only concerned about whether something is legal or not, not whether it is morally and ethically advisable.  But that is the world we live in today.


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