Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some precautions already taken

Even this may seem paranoid to some people.  But these measures may be inadequate.  Although it may be inadequate, it is probably more than the average effort.

I washed my hands more frequently than before.  I used a bleach solution.  I am careful about what I touch.  I won't touch anybody.

Those were resolves yesterday morning.  I failed to do it each and every time---mistakes were made.  An example: I shook hands with an old acquaintance.

Even wearing gloves isn't enough.  You could still make a mistake.

The point is that everybody is behind the curve on this.  Even if you are aware and taking precautions, it still may not be enough.

I took my temperature.  It was ok.  Now, the nurse in Spain who got it also took her temperature.  She had only a low grade temperature at first.  This went on for several days, then it got worse.  All that time, she was infectious and could have passed it on to others.

Just saying that people are behind the curve and are taking grave risks.  This isn't scare mongering nor needless panic.  There isn't enough respect for what the risks are.  I'm not being hypocritical.  I am making mistakes too.


Here's a site that sell protective gear online.  I'm not going to order now.  This is a decision that I may regret later, but like I said, everybody is behind the curve.

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