Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Now that I've turned you off...

I'm going to really top it off and compare the Ebola situation and how it is being handled to what Jesus Christ taught by washing the feet of his disciples.

People these days are so into getting personal advantages.  They seek gains and oftentimes at other peoples' expense.  Now, take this Ebola situation and how it is being handled by our "leaders".  Instead of being of service to the people, they will do one of two possible things:  one: they will try to use it to accuse their opponents of something, or two: they will use it in order to avoid responsibility.

What we end up with is not leadership, but a total lack of it.

Both parties are guilty.  The GOP should be showing people how to lower the risk of an epidemic by following a few basic precautions, and doing it themselves while continually pointing it out as an example.  What they are doing now is just blaming Obama for allowing it to happen.  Doesn't matter that this is true or not.  The point is that they are trying to get an advantage in the upcoming elections.  The Democrats are saying stuff to try to downplay the threat.  Doesn't matter that the GOP is trying to get an advantage here, the point is that they are avoiding responsibility.

Now, if the GOP started to act the way that I indicated and make a big deal out of it, the Democrats can do two things:  one: they can make fun of the GOP for being paranoid and trying to cause a panic, or two: they can do what the GOP is doing and take the issue off the table.  In other words, by taking the lead and doing the right thing, one party could force the other party to act responsibly without expecting an gain for themselves.  This is like what Jesus Christ taught by washing his disciples feet.  He set an example for all of us to follow.  Especially the leaders.

If the leaders don't do this, they will both be to blame.  But if the script holds true, and something bad happens, they'll both try to avoid responsibility by blaming the other.

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