Sunday, October 26, 2014

Water filtration test 3!

Yep, I may be getting carried away with this.  However, the procedure was restarted yet again after another procedure yielded the necessity of a clean up.  After using maybe as much water as the previous test, I decided to see if it was possible to retrieve water yet again from a really filthy source.

The source this time was the next procedure that I mentioned yesterday.  I prepped for the Bentonite test in order to see how my drill would react to it.

Before starting, I noted that the first batch of sand that I bought for the water filtration experiment had gotten very, very hard.  This indicates a lot of clay must be in that batch of sand.  So, I took a drill to it, and sure enough, I managed to drill a hole all the way through the "rock".  Originally, I planned to do 1 part Bentonite to 9 parts sand, but this caused me to change my plans a little.  It is now estimated that the rock, plus a little more I threw in, came to 6 parts.  Thus, the Bentonite's 1 part makes is 1 to 7 ratio Bentonite-sand.

I mixed up the batch into the same pan that I used previously and had just cleaned up.  It wasn't mixing to my satisfaction, so I had to dip into it with my hands.  This left me with a clean up job afterward, as I had this goop all over my hands.  I dipped my hands under the faucet and let it drain back into the mentioned pan, hence the water.

I used two forms.  One was the bottom end of a Dr. Pepper bottle, which allowed me to see the air voids in the mix.  The other form was paper tube I scrounged from work.  I cut it down to size a bit, but it is still too large.  I only managed to get some of the mix in it.  This will not likely be useful, but the other should be.

This procedure gives me valuable experience, as I see now the kind of problems I may have out there in getting cleaned up when there isn't very much water.

All the more reason to take it slowly, as I've been getting a bit cocky lately.

This will be a spin off from the off-the-grid series.  It will link from the post called Digging post holes and be connected under to topic of construction in the Table of Contents.


As far as the cleanup afterwards, that is, of making the Bentonite-sand mixture, and obtaining water for clean up, I have found that it clogs the filters.  This is not an unexpected development.  However, I keep thinking through the problem, perhaps the best thing would have been to filter it through paper first.  As many times as is practical.  This will use up a lot of paper, but that can be either cleaned up itself, or just burned.

Another idea is just to boil off the water and collect the vapor.  You could use a fresnel lens for that.

To sum up, we have two bricks, one of them may be usable.  We have dirty water to clean up and a new filtration test in the works.


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