Monday, October 27, 2014

Houston’s Lesbian Mayor And Why Joel Osteen Won’t Preach Against Homosexuality (VIDEO)

One of those wtf type things:  How the hell do we in Houston end up with a Lesbian mayor?

Because it is being accepted as "normal" and "acceptable" behavior.

This video discusses some of what Jesus was alleged to have said, and it wasn't about homosexuality, it is claimed.  Whoa.  Jesus had plenty to say about sex outside of marriage and it was definitely declared as a sin.  Is this movement towards same sex marriage a way to get homosexuals accepted as being as free from sin as a married heterosexual couple?  There's plenty wrong with what these people are saying.  That Osteen doesn't correct it should be a source of concern.   America's pastor?   Uh, oh!


Something struck me just now.  These people seemed to be shocked that homosexuals should be considered as sinners.  Well, my impression, and it may be wrong, is that everybody is a sinner.  The premise here is that liberals must think that they are free of sin---since they are so shocked about calling homosexuals sinners.  Really???  Shocked???  Hey, I'll take that a bit further.  Show me a liberal that confesses that he / she is a sinner, and I'll show you somebody who isn't a liberal.  The two are almost ( I say almost, because I'm not sure ) mutually exclusive.  How about Jimmy Carter?  He had that Playboy interview in which he confessed to having sinned in his heart because of lust ( with respect to women ).  Now, is Jimmy Carter a liberal?  If he says that he is in favor of same-sex marriage, then his insincerity is evident, and therefore he is a liberal.  But if he is true to his prior form, he would come out against same sex marriage.

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