Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hillarynomics: Businesses don’t create jobs

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This one is making the rounds.  I've seen it mentioned several times.  Okay, let's take a look at it here.

First of all, I watched the video of her saying this.  It sounds like she wants to make a rather strong statement without providing the evidence to support it.

On the other hand, the other side of the argument presents the facts as evidenced in the quote below:

Hillary’s argument here is entirely divorced from reality and actual data. The miminum-wage bill for which Hillary Clinton voted passed in 2007 and took effect in stages, beginning that summer. In June 2007, the Household Survey of the BLS showed that the US economy had 146.063 million jobs in June 2007, just before the increase took place. Last month’s data showed that the US economy had 146.6 million jobs — an increase of less than 500,000 in over 7 years, not “millions of jobs” as Hillary claims here. In fact, the 146.6 million is the highest it’s ever gotten since the passage of that law. In the same period, the civilian workforce participation rate has gone from 66% to 62.7%....Compare this to the “trickle-down” era of the Reagan presidency. When Reagan took office in January 1981, the US economy had 99.995 million jobs and the participation rate was 63.9%. By the end of his presidency in January 1989, the US economy had grown more than 16 million jobs (116.708 million total) and the participation rate had leaped to 66.5%. That covers nearly the same length of time since the last minimum wage hike (96 months vs 89 months), but both include about five years of technical economic recovery.

Combine this with political correctness and you get a mixture that supports poor performance and manages to cover it up with a big lie that cannot be challenged.

We are in danger of a one-party dictatorship that will not allow dissent and will not allow the orderly transfer of power that should occur when a party fails to deliver for the people.  The left will not tolerate dissent and cannot produce what they promise.  We need to preserve the option of throwing the bums out when they fail to live up to our expectations.

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