Thursday, October 30, 2014

Groaning and a moaning

What a title to a post, huh?  There's so little time.  That's one thing I'm a moaning about constantly.  Yesterday, I got a call for a delivery at about the time for going home.  There wasn't any way out of it, I had to go clear across town at the worst possible hour.  By the time I got home, anything that I had planned just got deep sixed.

No friggin' time.

So, I'll just do a free form post about things in general for the rest of this post.  There's not time to organize myself and try to make something coherent.

One thing I'm noticing while driving around town is all of the construction.  We may have a construction boom going on in this town.  Hard to believe how much this town has grown and is still growing.  There's a spot I went to that I just mentioned above --- it was in the boonies in the nineties.  Now it is completely built up.  Insane growth.  I'm all for growth, but I hate the rat race aspect of it.

I have so little time, that my posting suffers and my stats suffer.  Sometimes I think, who the f**k cares?  If these people are so anxious to read my stuff, then why didn't they support me when I did it full time?  I don't have to spend so much time working and making money because nothing comes in from this blog.  Nothing.  Ever.  If I don't post something every day, they won't even come here.

As long as I was out, I stopped by a car lot where there was a vehicle that was up for sale.  I thought I might convert it to an RV.  It was a lot nicer than I thought, and they wanted too much for it.  So much for that idea.

I have a lot of ideas that don't seem to work.  Yet another one was to raise chinchillas.  The problem with any idea that might work is that a lot of people already have that idea!  Raising chinchillas seems like it ought to pay pretty good, but a little investigation shows that it doesn't really.  I'm suspecting a rigged game.  A chinchilla coat could go for $50k, but one lousy pelt goes for 20 bucks!?!  Sure, it takes a lot of pelts to make a coat, but not that many.  Something ain't adding up, ya'll.

I see that the butch dyke mayor has backtracked a little.   Maybe it's time for the GOP, but don't expect too much.  They are just as much to blame for this crap as the Democrats.  When I say crap, I don't necessarily mean that the GOP supports the butch dyke crowd.  No, they support some other crowd that is trying to screw you out of something.  You see, that's what it is all about today.  Somebody wants to screw you, so changing places and changing names doesn't make any difference.  They'll all screw you in one way or another anyway.

Barnhardt has a post up about the patron saint of lost causes.  Uh, she must be reading my mind.

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