Friday, October 31, 2014

Home again 10/31/14

It's Halloween and it's an opportunity to have a party.  Like Yakov Smirnov always said  "what a country".

It used to be a kid's thing, but the grownups are in on it nowadays.  Perhaps it has always been so, but if not, it is definitely that way now.  Kids used to go out "trick or treating".  Perhaps they still do, but only with those people they know.  After a few incidents with the candy, the kids stopped as far as I can tell.

When I was a kid, the grownups would like to give the kids some candy when they knocked on the door and said "trick or treat".  There were a few that didn't, but we never gave it a thought.

I think the last trick or treat night I took part in was when I was about 10.

Somebody out on the job asked me if I saw anybody in Halloween costumes.  A few.  Actually, not that many.  One of them was quite sexy, but I don't think I'll mention that now.

Here's a post I merged in with this one.  It is a short one with a Halloween theme:

Using da coffin at da ranch.

Da coffin will be a box with a bed inside.  The box will be small so as to require as little energy as possible to keep it warm in the winter.  Or cool in the summer.

Not to be confused with Dracula, or anything.

Well, this post isn't about Halloween, but it started that way.  It is actually the weekend, and it's time to do those weekend things I do when there's time to do it.  Once I got home, I got a bit curious about one of my water filters, so I took it apart.  Taking it apart gave me some idea of what I might face when I get out there on da ranch and do some post hole digging.  When sand gets packed tightly enough, it's really hard to make headway in it.  We'll see how the drill does.

As for the drill, it needs power, so I ordered a generator today.  It will arrive next week.  I'm still waiting for all of my drill bits to arrive.  All but one piece is here now.  The generator and these pieces cost money, drat it.  I'm trying to avoid that, but there's no avoiding it.

Today, I got some free gloves.  I mentioned some gloves that I saw at one of my stops, and he said take some.  That was nice of him.  These gloves will keep my hands clean while I mess with the sand and Bentonite.

The idea was to drill into the "bricks" I am making with the Bentonite.  But that's not working out too well.  Cleaning out the filter is telling me something, though.

I haven't figured out exactly how I am going to make the posts when I get to "da ranch".  That is, after the holes are dug.  I want to put a PVC pipe down the hole, and then cement around it.  Another PVC pipe will fit into this ( on the outside of it) so as to be about 7 feet tall.  I will make an elbow joint there, and connect it to the next post with a "T" piece that runs between the two posts, which should be about 8 feet apart.  The last post will have an elbow joint just like the first.  Thus, there will be three posts connected together, and standing about 7 feet tall.  There will be another set of 3 posts about 8 feet away from these, giving 2 lines of 3 posts each.  The only permanent pieces are the ones that are cemented into place.  The large pieces will be assembled and disassembled on each trip out to da ranch.  In other words, it will be a portable canopy.  To complete the canopy, tarps will be placed on top of the connected posts.  The tarps will be staked down for stability.

The point is that I don't know how much cement I want to use in the posts.  Or if I want to use rebar in order to make it stronger.  Will the PVC be strong enough if there's strong winds as they sometimes get out there?  That's what I was thinking about with regard to these post holes.

All of this will be completed ( I hope ) when I make my next trip to da ranch in late November.


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