Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who said that climate change was going to kill anyone?

Are these people serious?  The only claim that I have ever seen was that this man made climate change was to supposed to raise temperatures a few degrees.  It was supposed to happen over a long period of time, such as into the next century.   If some folks seem to think that this is going to kill people, then I think the hysteria has gone a bit too far.

Maybe the sea level rises ( assuming that the theory is correct ), maybe temperature patterns change and crops fail.  But that can be adjusted to.

Hurricanes kill people.  Weather events can kill people.  Climate doesn't because it is way too general a term.

For example, a frigid arctic type climate can kill you, but that is your choice to try to live in such a climate.  You can avoid a climate, and seek more amicable climate elsewhere.   It doesn't have to kill you unless you insist upon living in an unfavorable type climate.

Climate change is a topic that can be discussed, but how do you discuss it in an environment of hysteria?

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