Friday, December 2, 2016

Obligatory, 12.2.16

Emotionally speaking, this may on the verge of becoming a roller coater ride.

I was feeling a bit down yesterday.  Then something happens that made me feel better, but now I am feeling down again.

The thing that is getting me down is hard to describe.  It would be easy to say exactly what comes to mind, but that may not be correct.  I could be Sgt. Friday, and give you only the facts, but that could be a mistake, too.

I heard something a couple days ago that might be applicable here.  Things are not necessarily what they appear to be.

Here's a thought that may not be too risky in terms of making a mistake:  Jesus spoke in parables because he knew that those people would not understand.  It is in the Gospels, check it out, if you are interested.  Anyway, what Jesus was saying was the same thing:  things are not necessarily what they appear to be.  Or what you think they are.  The truth of a thing could be staring you in the face, and you would never see it.  It could be speaking loud enough to equal a loudspeaker, and you still would not hear it.  The truth of a thing cannot reach you unless you are prepared to receive it.

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