Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Get rid of the Electoral College?

The more that this goes on, the more I am convinced that they are crazy as bedbugs.

By the way, the Electoral College was not this:

The electors spearheading the effort, like Colorado’s Polly Baca and Washington state’s Bret Chiafalo, say they aren’t explicitly attempting to unravel the Electoral College. They argue that they’re merely returning it to its historic function as a safety valve in the event voters choose an unfit president[ emphasis added]

Voters don't choose a president.  It has been the custom of the states, whose job is to select the electors.  In other words, the legislatures of the states choose the electors who then choose the president.

These electors either don't know the law, or they do know the law.  If they do know the law, then the above statement is a LIE.

The courts have no say in how the state legislatures choose the electors.  It would be interesting to see how this gets decided in the courts, and who is doing the deciding.

In order to get rid of the Electoral College, YOU MUST GET A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT.   Only a leftist nincompoop would ever think that a mere lawsuit is going to change this, unless he figures that the courts are already corrupted by a bunch of leftists who would disregard what the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND has already said on the matter.  Courts may not change the legal charter of the nation at their whim.

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