Thursday, December 1, 2016

obligatory, 12.1.16

I don't want to seem morbid here, so here goes nothing.  It is going to be necessary to get my affairs in order.  Just spent time checking through some stuff and it is time consuming.  Here it is, late in the morning, and I cannot say that I have accomplished a damned thing.  That even though I have been busy.

A thought here:  if you are poor, don't get sick.  You can't afford it.

On the wider scene, just want to mention that Trump's pick for Treasury is not what I would have liked to have seen.  This society is in the grip of the corporations, and his choice looks like the grip is going to get tighter.  Trump ran as a populist, but if this is any indication, he will govern like a plutocrat.  Disappointing.

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