Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Are "educated" people just idiot savants?

I'm looking at this post on Insty, and I wonder if the process of "education" in this country hasn't produced an entire class of "educated" nincompoops.  They vote for the party of the stupid, who in turn runs against the Stupid Party.

To contrast the Stupid Party with the party of the Stupid, one only has to comtemplate that the so-called right always goes against the people who vote them in, and appearing stupid while doing so.  The party of the Stupid just swallows all the lies of their leaders.  In either case, you get the same thing.  But I digress.

They may well be instructed in all kinds of various things, but as far as solving real world problems, they are totally lost.  Perhaps that is why they find themselves living in Mom and Dad's basement after having spent a ton of money "learning" something at the university.

The university of hard knocks is only one that counts.

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