Thursday, March 23, 2017

Life is strange

Here I am, complaining about how long it has taken to get treatment, and the treatment option I am receiving wouldn't have existed two years ago.

If I had to go the surgery route, it would have been a very difficult road.  But this one is much easier.  It is almost as if there is nothing to it at all.  Contrast radiation treatment with having the trauma of such a large tumor being cut out surgically.

How fortunate for me, yet it seems otherwise. 

I haven't made it through the treatments to be sure.  There is no indication how my body is responding to the treatment.  So, I am not cured by any stretch of the imagination.  But this type of treatment is light years ahead of the alternative.  Yes, that is why I chose it.

If I got my way on everything, though, I would have ended up in surgery with a much more difficult row to hoe.

Life is truly strange.

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