Thursday, May 4, 2017

Obligatory, 5.4.17

Not much to write about today. 

As for yesterday's last post about the airships, it would seem that an electrodynamic tether could be used for some purpose.  Either in orbit, or to get to orbit, or both.  However, JP may have already thought about that.  He may not like the idea.

It's a really large airship, so a long tether could be incorporated into the structure.  Once it is orbit, the ship could be positioned so that the tether could be energized.   Once energized, it would impart thrust to the airship.  In this way, it could achieve a higher orbit without expending fuel.  Reversing the power direction would create drag so as to return to lower orbit.  From the higher orbit, it could deploy consumables that could be used on more ambitious missions.  Maybe to the moon, or beyond.

But speculating on this kind of thing is not the best use of my time.  It so happens that I may make an early trip home.  I should make preparations for that trip.  Actually, I have already done all that.  If I wish to, I could make the trip after the treatment tomorrow.  I will decide on what to do then.

My own "moonshot" has not been receiving the attention it should.  Not likely that I will take off for points further west anytime soon.  I need to check in with the doctors from time to time in order to make sure this tumor is under control.  Not only that, I have to be sure that I am strong enough to do some work out there.

Actually, this challenge is getting tougher all the time.  Not ready to give up on it yet.  Still awaiting news on my disability claim, and on the basis of that, many decisions could be made.

In the meantime, I am watching Teevee.  It is mildly entertaining.  Now playing is Escape From Alcatraz.


For people unfamiliar with how a tether could work, just think of an electric motor.  You have a magnet and a set of windings.  The windings receive a current, and this current will act against the magnetism to produce motion.  The tether operates the same way:  it receives a current, and it acts against the Earth's magnetic field in order to do work.  Also, by moving the tether within the magnetic field, current can be produced in the tether.  This can be used to produce drag, and thus slow down the spacecraft.   It operates like a generator would.

Hopefully, that makes sense.  After reading through the above, it seems to assume that readers would know how this works.

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