Monday, March 7, 2011

Commenting policy, rules

Well, well, well!  My first troll!

Okay, "Montana".  Let me read the rules to you on comments.  I will write this once, since I haven't written it before.  I will also make a copy of it and put this on the sidebar.  Nobody can claim innocence once the rules are up for everyone to see.

Rule 1:  All comments must be germane to the post.  If not, they will be deleted.  Repeated violations of this will result in commenting privileges being revoked.

Rule 2: This is a political blog, but nobody gets to play politics here.  Take it elsewhere.  If you have a reasonable argument based upon evidence, then you may be tolerated.  Political attacks that attempt to demonize particular people- such as this one here does, will be deleted.  A second attempt will get you banned.

Rule 3:  This isn't going to turn into an insult contest from anybody to anybody else.  This blog doesn't do it, and the commenters will not be allowed to do it.

I reserve the right to delete any comment whatever for any reason whatever.  So, at least make an attempt to be on your best behavior.  I have little tolerance for nonsense like this comment.


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