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Originally posted 6.27.18


A couple hours this morning, and I plugged the gap.  Even at this hour, I broke out in a sweat.

A little more finishing touches, and it will be done for sure.  If there are any gaps, the sun will shine through.  There's a couple left, but it isn't much.

Now to kick back and relax.  It is Sunday.


Nope!  More than 2 ft penetration of the doorway with sunlight.  Although the north wall did cut it down a bit.  That means I have to add more planks.

I didn't buy more, I took some off the side I built last year.  It looked tacky anyway.

More work to do, but that has to wait.  Maybe manana.  Had to go to town, but not to work.  Need my van.  The car is in Austin and the van is now here.

So much for math, eh?  Or high school math,which is about all I can remember.


Done, I hope.  Some folks in the area think I need more planks, but we'll see.  Hopefully, this is enough.

I did a little sketch with Paint and did a little math.  Let's see if my math holds up.

If the sun transits 180 degrees each day, then for a 14 hour day, it would transit about 13 degrees per hour.  Going backward from about 8 pm for approx nightfall, then at 3 pm, it would be approx 65 degrees from horizon.  If that calculation is correct, it would take after 6 pm for the sun to be lower than 30 degrees in the sky.

We'll see.  If I am right, the north wall will block after six pm.  No sun.  Maybe.


Continuation of the work today.  Got an early start in order to beat the heat.  Most of the thing is in place now, but there's some work that needs done yet.  By tomorrow morning, I should be finished.

I'm pretty tired, but happy.

The original post follows below:

Time to get away from keyboard warrior mode, and to do something real for a change.

I began to make a cover for the door.  I call it that, but that just seems to confuse people.  Let's say that it is an awning of sorts.  A shade for the door, so that the sun doesn't shine into the place, making it even hotter than it already is.

I had to dial back the use of the swamp cooler, because it uses so much water.  This may help the cooler do more with less.

Cross my fingers and hope to ... nah, don't want to finish that sentence.

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