Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What can you say when you mess up?

All you can do is say "I screwed up.  Sorry."  What the heck else can you do?

The event that brought this thought to the fore was that I completely forgot to monitor the weather info that was freely available on the web.  This fills in a lot of gaps in my knowledge.  

For instance, I put out a bucket to collect rainwater, but I didn't calibrate how much I collected versus how much it rained.  So now I don't know.

I have been simulating the way of life I would need to have in order to make it work out in the desert.  You cannot do that if you don't have all the info.  I have too many gaps.  I screwed up.  Sorry.

Who am I apologizing to?  For all I know, the only ones reading this are robots.  Yeah, an occasional person may drop by, but my stats look like they are being manipulated by a machine.  So, it doesn't look real to me.

Those folks might care, or might be mildly interested.  But this matters to me, so I am mostly apologizing to myself.  But the principle always works.  Well, most of the time.

What is meant by "works"?  The boss says okay, but don't let it happen again.  Yep.  So, you don't let it happen again until it does.  Then  what?   It could be:  "Jetson, you are fired!"

Then, that's all she wrote.  Except I cannot fire myself.  But I can quit.

Moral:  Please try not to be a screw up.  It is a really bad habit.

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