Thursday, March 16, 2017

Money Power

Whether or not you are aware of it, the money power rules over the
world.  The money power is centered here in the USA, but that may
be changing.  In fact, it has indeed changed.  It is like a cancer
that has metasisized.  When a cancer metasisizes, it has spread to
other parts of the body.  The money power began here, and has spread
like a cancer in the body to the rest of the world.  This is called Globalism.

Why is it a cancer?  It seems to have done some good some might say.  Seem-
ingly, the scientific advances impress; but simultaneously, these have
dwindled for some reason.  I think that reason is the money power.
I called it the Tiberius Syndrome.  Peter Diamandis brought this to
attention when he told the story of how aluminum was discovered
in the Roman era.  The Roman Emperor Tiberius had learned of this
new metal and was impressed with it.  Instead of rewarding the man,
he had the man killed.  Why?  It threatened his established interests.
There's a lesson there for our times.  The Established interests do not
want anything new or better.  They will suppress it just like it was
done in the Roman times.  I call this the Tiberius Syndrome.

Globalism and the Establishment are one and the same.   The
richest amongst us will favor Globalism.  Why would they not?  If
their own society's fail, they can always leave for better pastures.  But
where do their victims go?  Hey, there's victims alright.  If the Globalists hold
down progress, they victimize everybody.  They do indeed hold down progress.
One cannot fail to see this if one bothers to look very deeply.

The Tiberius Syndrome occurs in rich societies that got rich from the
inventiveness of its people.  But some people get rich and powerful, and power
corrupts.  The power of that money corrupts its owners.  They wish to keep this
power for themselves, so they will suppress any newcomers who may become
a threat.  Just like the ancient Roman Emperor Tiberius.
It may not be as crude as an execution, but it will indeed happen.
You will not be allowed to hear about it, or you will be propagandized
into believing that the new thing is no good or dangerous.

Examples abound.  I will not go over them here.  It isn't necessary
if one opens ones own eyes and sees for himself/herself.  It is all
around.  I have noted it time and again on this blog.

Ask yourself one simple question:

Why do problems never seem to get solved?  The Money Power will not
allow this.  For as soon as the problem is solved, their business is
obsolete.  They cannot allow this.  Hence, the Tiberius Syndrome.

Anybody who invents something new will have their invention suppressed
in one way or another.

Fight the Money Power and you will have REAL progress.  Not the
phony progress that they claim.  Just as a cancer kills its host, so
does the Money Power kill its host--- meaning US.

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