Wednesday, March 15, 2017

About taxes

For some strange reason, the GOP thinks taxes are their Holy Freaking Grail.  If only that Grail was in their possession! ( they dream )

Now they run Congress and the White House, and they can do whatever the hell they want. 

From time to time, these GOP yayhoos send me a questionnaire, which is a way for them to raise money.  I don't give 'em any more than what it takes to process the questionnaire.  But I answer their questions.  I just completed one of these, and there's a lot of leading questions.  Bullshit!

No, I do not have my nose up your ass, GOP.  Taxes do not matter that much to me these days.  If I was paying big taxes, I suppose it would.  I wish I could make the money that would make that an issue for me.

Anyway, don't freaking frame the issue in terms of what would be for the common good.  I don't freaking believe that business about balancing the budget by CUTTING taxes BS.

If you want small government, that means cutting the damned government.  Talk that way.  Don't give the government more money by "increasing"- revenues- through -cutting -taxes BS talk.  Even if it turns out to be true, which I am not so sure about.

So, I said cutting taxes ain't important as cutting the size and scope of government.

I think the GOP should RAISE taxes on Corporations.  Especially publicly traded corporations.  Frankly, I don't give a shit if that means higher prices.  I want the corporations to be brought under control.

That may seem liberal of me, but a lot of lefty types seem to be CEOs these days.  A lot of them help the pinko Dems.  It doesn't seem a happy hunting ground for the GOP.  Why feed the bastards?

Raise the hell out of taxes on Corporations.  If they want to leave the US, then leave.  We can tax imports, so you still have to pay taxes, assholes.

It's Globalism, folks.  They own Congress.  Dems and pubs both.  Corporations are part of the Globalism schtick.  Don't fall for their BS, I say.

Now the GOP is in possession of my opinion.  I am sure that all they really wanted was my money.

Good luck at that, assholes.

Rachel Maddow got a "leaked" Trump tax return.  Hmmm.  You know what I think of leaked private information such as that?  I think Maddow ought to be jailed for reporting it.  Private information should be respected.  News companies and reporters aren't immune from benefitting from stolen goods, even if those goods are only information.  If they personally gain from it, they are gaining from illegally trafficked goods.  An accessory to theft.  Put her mannish ass in jail, I say.

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