Sunday, March 12, 2017

Analysis: Most likely true

It's all about girl power now.

I'm thinking about a youngster right now that fills the bill in that link.  Once he gets into school, they are going to do a number on him.

Then the women will whine, "Where have all the men gone."

You women, by voting for leftist, are emasculating the men.  Or, you are trying to.  Trouble is, you get a whole lot more of the thing you don't want when you do that.

I was on a jury last year.  That dude could have been a really bad seed;  but he might only have needed somebody to help him out, yet there wasn't anybody.  I would have liked to have sat in on the punishment phase of that trial, but they made an alternate out of me.  My input must not have been desired.

Funny how that keeps happening.

Anyway, you women don't know what you want, but you sure as hell do want power.  All the more reason to deny it to you.  You got too much of it already.

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