Friday, May 26, 2017

Obligatory, 5.26.17

Here it is, nearly 10 pm local time, and I haven't made a post.

As for my to-do list, one more item remains, and that is the shading for the trailer.  Problem is, I have changed my mind about it.  It will have to be simplified, due to costs.  Putting up a deck, as well as a screen, is going to cost a few bucks.

So, it is time to simplify the design.  Meanwhile, I am still nursing a burn from the radiation treatments.  This is slowing me down.

As for the lite posting, I am not using the precious bandwidth, which is also expensive, for cruising the web.  Besides, all that junk was part of the problem, not a solution for anything.

For now on, things are for keeps.  That means a very tight budget, and keeping myself on a short leash.

This could be a problem.


Well, a short cruising of the web shows that I am not wrong.  As a consequence, and although it is going to take discipline; I am going to stop cruising the web, if this is all there is.

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