Saturday, May 27, 2017

Obligatory, 5.27.17

An earlier start this time.  I forgot to mention that there were some comments that were awaiting moderation for quite some time.   Not only did I forget to mention, I forgot to check for comments.  That's why they were in waiting for such a long time.  Most were approved, as only one was a spammer.  Comments are welcome here, just no abusers are welcome.  Dissent is welcome, as long as the abuse is not there.  The lack of approval of comments was an oversight on my part.  My apologies for that.  Not that this blog gets a lot of comments, though.  But that is no excuse.

Just before I wrote that paragraph, I called the nearest Goodwill center.  I want to get rid of the mattress that came with this RV.  But they said no, mattresses and / or box springs won't be accepted.  Rats.  Well, there's a Plan B.

The mattress is taking up space in my van.  As long as the van is stuffed with this queen sized mattress, I cannot use the van for hauling cargo.  Thus, the mattress has to go.  Nothing wrong with it, but it is kinda old.  This is not a new RV that I am living in, hence the oldness of the mattress.

Until I dispose of the mattress, I cannot buy materials for my shading project.  In the meantime, I will continue thinking upon that project.  Already, I am making new plans, as the old plans are too costly.

Today is the first day of a holiday weekend.  Memorial Day honors those who have fallen in defense of this country.  It reminds me of something I want to write about later, maybe even today.

Otherwise, it is onward through the fog.

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