Saturday, May 27, 2017

Abuse of intelligence for political purposes

After reading a bit of the Attkisson article on the subject, one could ask the deeper question with respect to the allegations of Russian meddling in the election--- was this accusation just a diversion of attention away from abuses committed by the Obama administration?

It is now unlikely because of the naming of a special prosecutor.  This wasn't the charge nor focus of the investigation.  If it were, there could be more confidence in its outcome.

If there had to be an investigation, why didn't the GOP insist upon this investigation as a part of the alleged Russian meddling?

The answer is that the GOP is a fake party, offering only fake opposition.  If the GOP was a real party, offering real opposition, this would not have happened.

Such is the state of this country.  We have a de facto one party system, but a de jure two party system.  It is meant to fake out people that there is a political divide, when no real divide exists.

Until such time that the GOP gets real, I will not be dissuaded otherwise.

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