Sunday, May 28, 2017

Opening scene in "A Few Good Men"

You have to ask a question about why this is in the opening scene.  The movie is anti-military left wing propaganda.  Why include this admirable show of discipline and precision?  Is it the kind of thing that makes lefties nervous?  What is the viewer supposed to feel when watching this?  Certainly not admiration.

It reminds me of a comparison made by Barnhardt-- the solemn change of guard at the unknown soldier versus the traditional Latin Mass.  This Latin Mass was changed in the sixties, or so I hear.  Could it be that this discipline and devotion is what threatens lefties?

Perhaps something like this should become a part of all religious services.  That would definitely include guns and military uniforms.  You should definitely not want to join with your enemy.

A suggestion offered thusly, and one more:  get rid of the homosexuals in the priesthood.  If you have to put a camera on them 24/7 and watch them constantly to make sure they don't do that kind of thing.

These suggestions might help.  Always trying to be of service here.

Update(s):  5.29.17, 5:30  

The left wing revulsion for the military and religion may be summed up by the following observation:  Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for his sheep.  So does a soldier.  So does a police officer, so does a fireman.  Interesting how they don't like anybody doing these things.  I think it shows the lefties' intentions to dominate all aspects of life.  If people are willing to die for others, it lessens their power over people.

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