Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dumb and dumber

After getting statues removed in New Orleans, these wacko birds are now pointing their sights upon the Space City--- Houston.  There's a statue of Sam Houston that they seem to have an objection to.

There is some fear that the Houston City Council might actually cave in to such a demand.  Considering that Houston recently elected a lesbian for mayor, and now has a black dude as mayor, these fears may be justified.

Its motivation isn't based upon anything but to rile up people.  Sam Houston may have owned some slaves, but he had no part of the Confederacy.  He lived with the Indians, so it is quite debatable whether it had anything to do with race.  It is just race hustling, in my opinion.

It solves no problems.  Just more fakery.  I am only writing about it cuz it makes me mad, but that is just exactly what these bozos want.

Just don't let 'em make you mad.  Although I am mad enough to write about it, that is about all I will do.  It would be better to make sure that people know the truth about Texas history.  Sam Houston was no "war criminal".  This has nothing to do with history.

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