Sunday, August 2, 2015

Reality v fantasy

The thought isn't really unique.  Robert Ringer had something like this in his book Winning Through Intimidation.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just regurgitating old info I've seen somewhere else.  Okay, never mind.  Let's get on with it.

Perhaps I relate to it so strongly, it becomes my own.  Especially when it comes to women.  You see, I think I am especially prone to falling into the fantasy trap with these women.  Especially today's women.  As a matter of fact, I think the women fall for it too.

In fact, you could generalize it across to board from relationships to politics.  So many things fall into the fantasy trap.  AGW could be just another example.  This might bug some people very deeply, but religion may be a type of fantasy, too.

Reality is so hard to deal with, that the fantasy is just too irresistible.  Someone once said that contemplating the inevitability of death is like trying to look into the sun---one doesn't do it steadily.  So, the fantasy trap of that awfulness is the belief in the hereafter.

Of course, that is likely to be seen as an atheistic observation.  It is difficult to resolve it because you can't prove it one way or the other.  That's beside the fact that people believe that you can and that fuels some conflict with someone with a different opinion on the subject.  What might be helpful is to realize that it is a matter of opinion.  There's just no way of knowing for certain one way or another.  That's why faith is necessary.  If it were irrefutable on all levels, it would be fact, and it wouldn't be necessary to believe.  Belief implies doubt.  Kind of a yin-yang thing.

Then what do you do about the difference of opinion?  If what someone believes annoys you, what can you do about it?  You can try to convince them, but their belief is so strong, that the effort is futile.  In the end, you are going to believe what you are going to believe. Or you go caveman, and bash their heads in.  There have been religious wars, you know.  If you want to be civilized, you avoid the caveman stuff.

This isn't necessarily about religion, mind you.  It is something that goes further than that.  That too, is opinion, as someone might ask, "how can you go further than God?"  Good question, there.

My answer is perception.  Human beings perceive things, but not always correctly.  The information processed therefore, may lead to wrong conclusions.  Therefore, even if what you see is truth, your perception of it may not allow you to see it for what it really is.  God can exist, but you may not perceive it as such.  And vice versa.

As I said, it isn't just religion, it is across the board.  Humans seem to be prone to fantasy because it is often better than the real thing.  Or it is deemed in some way to be better.

My fanaticism about truth is that we live in a REAL world, so living in fantasies is not helpful.  But to live in truth is hard to do when so many others won't face the facts.

There are those times when you are facing the facts but are being accused of not doing so.  So is the same with the AGW fantasies.

There are a lot of human problems, but AGW isn't one of them.  But that is my perception.  What if I'm wrong?  If I decide to believe in the Christian God, what if I'm wrong?  Or vice versa?  If I want to be a girl and I'm a guy ( Bruce Jenner ), what if I'm wrong ( that's too easy)?

Postmodernism seems to encourage Bruce Jenner types.  It is easily verified though that sex cannot be changed so easily if at all.  If all of life could be so straightforward!

The harder questions are the ones that cannot be so easily verified.  This is the trouble I often have with women.   My problem there may be a perception problem.  If I knew the answers, I wouldn't have these problems.  But the answers elude me.  I won't go Capt. Caveman.  Just not my style.  If I have a question, I will ask.  It just doesn't necessarily mean that I will get an answer or if I do, a truthful one.

If it is truthful, it is too hard to face, then the fantasy is preferred.

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