Monday, August 3, 2015

More AGW

Well, well, well...   That's what one of the characters liked to say in the video Brave New World.  Then he zaps somebody with some type of punishment device.  Well, well, well...  The left is still talking about AGW.  Well, well, well...  Bwah, hah, hah!

Back to the Ideal Gas Laws.  Remember that Pressure (P) times Volume (V) equals the number of molecules of the gas (n) times the gas constant (R) times its Temperature (T) (PV= nRT) .  This means when the Earth gets hotter, meaning T, that to balance the equation, the product of Pressure times Volume must go up proportionally.  So, what happens when the Earth's temperature goes up?  It's atmosphere expands outward.  Pressure must also increase as well.  Now, how does this trap heat?  It doesn't.  The heat energy is expended in the expansion.  That's the same principle that pushes a piston down in the cylinder of an engine, which powers the wheels of your car.  The expansion of the hot gases in the cylinder does the work and the gas cools by the time it reaches the tailpipe.  Therefore, gases are by nature incapable of heat retention.  By nature, gases dissipate heat, not retain it.

But isn't that what AGW is supposedly all about?  Carbon dioxide is supposed to trap heat like the glass does in a greenhouse.  But glass is a solid.  It's properties are not those of a gas like carbon dioxide.

The only thing that holds the gases on the Earth surface is gravity.  So, if things get hot enough, the atmosphere will be blown away!  Not much of a trap for that heat.  The best that you could call the force of gravity in this instance is like a balloon that can burst if the pressure gets too high.  If the temperature gets too high with the glass, well, it melts.

Even if I am wrong, and the gas does retain heat, it cannot hold heat as well as water.  And water cannot retain it long enough to accumulate.  If it cannot accumulate, then where will the energy come from to make things hotter?

If it did retain heat for more than 24 hours, then what stops the temperature from rising forever?  Therefore, the heat must dissipate in less than the time it takes from sunset to dawn.

This is simple enough, but there are going to be those of you who will remain unconvinced.  Well, well, well...

You know, Einstein didn't need a computer in order to come up with the Theory of Relativity.  What is so magical about computer models?  A computer model is nothing more than what the programmers make it.  It doesn't think like an Einstein does.  Actually, computers are dumb.  They are only as smart as they can be programmed to be.

Yeah, but today's computer are really smart you say.  Maybe.  But if the programming effort starts with the premise that AGW is happening, then how do you think that the computer will be programmed?  Of course it will be programmed in order to confirm that bias, not to contradict it.

Moreover, if scientists get their jobs in order to work on AGW theory, they don't want to disprove it, because the minute they do, they lose their jobs.  If their jobs were structured to determine the issue objectively, their jobs end when they get a result.  Most likely, they will act the same way, to protect their jobs, they will produce a deadlock.

In other words, the "scientists" aren't there to do science.  It is a jobs program.

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