Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Obligatory, 8/4/15

Time can really get away from you sometimes.  Here it is, well into the first week of August.  I'm trying to get back on a schedule, and the time issue is back front row and center.

Today will be busy, posting will be light.

Perhaps this post can include a thought or two.

  • Trump is doing well in the polls, but is it style or substance?
  • If it came down to Hillary v Bush, would I vote?  If so, for which candidate?
  • AGW theory gives an excuse for the politicians to do "what is good for you", but isn't it only really good for the politicians and their supporters?  There is a principle there, and if you can grasp it, you will have the key to getting back the power to the people.  The key is the truth, as the "truth will set you free".
  • Somewhere yesterday it was said that to deny AGW theory would be harmful to any politician.  Why would anybody believe that?
  • Deep ecologists don't even like solar or wind.  These two types of projects can also be stopped for environmental concerns.  The bottom line is that the deeper you get into the ecology mindset, the less that you will be able to do to help yourself.  For these people, there are no solutions that they will permit---not even solar nor wind.  But if we are to be able to help ourselves, we have to make a choice somewhere down the line.  Turning back the clock to the Stone Age isn't a viable solution.

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