Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Would you let your 12 year old daughter sleep with an 18 year old boy?

American Thinker

Summary:  It's about the Boy Scouts decision to let homosexuals infiltrate their organization and have a shot at the kids.

Comment:  There shouldn't be one needed, but that alone is sufficient to be the commentary of the age we live in.  The Evil and Stupidity of the ruling class has no bounds.


I told him that as an Eagle Scout, I can attest to the cross-generational intimacy of the scouting experience. Young boys, older teens, and men share a lot of private time. They swim together, shower together, sleep in the same tents together. On the everyday level, I told him, I would worry about the Jerry Sandusky factor.--- Jack Cashill
 There's really no point to the infiltration except to have more opportunities to look for more recruits.  The same would be true for unisex restrooms.

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