Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Modus Operandi---Fait D'Accompli, then Ultimatum

I noticed on some big ticket issues, the method of operation of this administration.  First, Obama presents you with an accomplished fact, then he gives an ultimatum that you have to accept it, or accept the consequences of what will follow.

An example is his arguments in favor of his new deal with the mullahs.  The fait d'accompli is that the international sanctions regime is now in a shambles, thanks to this agreement.  Now Obama says that you have to accept an nuclearized Iran that is the ultimate result of all this, or face the consequences of being an outcast on the world stage.  It is hard to say no.  It's almost like Don Vito Corleone offering you a deal that you cannot refuse.  You should say no deal anyway, and face those consequences.

A second example is homosexual marriage.  This isn't necessarily Obama's deal alone, but his judges and his party did impose homosexual marriages on states that did not want it.  The fait d'accompli was the necessity for another Supreme Court decision, and the consequences were the disruption of lives dues to the fact that many of these "marriages" had already occurred, and now the Court had to take them away or accept the fallout that there annulment would create.  The Court, at best, wimped out.  At worst, they were accomplices with Obama in the hijacking of the institution of marriage and family as we have known it.

The third example is Obamacare.  Need I write more?

This only gets worse.  Unless there's a meaningful opposition, the destruction will be total and complete.

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