Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Coming Breakup? - by Robert Ringer

The Coming Breakup? - by Robert Ringer: Back in the early eighties, when I was publishing my newsletter The Tortoise Report, the thought crossed my mind that the crumbling American Empire might eventually break up into smaller pieces — similar to the path chosen by the Roman and British Empires. When it comes to maintaining control over your subjects, bigness tends to …


One commenter had an opinion that follows my own:  that leftwing politics is centered in the cities, whilst the rest of the country is far more conservative.  In such a case, how can they "secede"?  They get they food from the countryside.  They probably get their water from the countryside.  In fact, they get just about everything from the countryside.  City states are not sustainable politically.  How would they pull it off?  In the end, they would have to come under the influence of some more powerful political entity.

If they had to choose between other countries and their own, would they really decide to go with the others?

I guess you can say "we'll see".

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