Monday, June 26, 2017

Lie harder. Yeah, that is the ticket.

Originally posted on 6.24.17, updated on 6.26.17 :

Five things everyone is ignoring about the Russian-DNC "hack".

Mainly that it wasn't one.  Was it a cover story for a murder?  Oh, yeah.  We can't ask that question.

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According to an article in the Hill webpage, Democrats say that Obama should have communicated better about the extent of the "hack".

In the first place, it should be remembered that the so-called Russian hack of the DNC emails allegation was already attempted.  What probably didn't make the news, was this "FBI" investigation was just a rehash of a paid "investigation" done by the DNC.  The FBI never had access to the alleged DNC hacked servers.  A question arises:  maybe the servers weren't even hacked, and that is why the DNC refused to turn them over to the FBI.  In other words, it was a lie.

What should be asked is why Comey's FIB (FBI) put the news out there to confirm that there was a hack even though the FIB didn't do any of their own investigating?  This story was hearsay.  It wouldn't hold up in court, but it is good campaign material.  Why is the FIB engaging in politics?

Other questions arise, as well.  But we can't ask those.  Oh, no.  We can't do that.  We must continually beat this dead horse for as long as we can.  /sarc

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