Tuesday, June 27, 2017

There shouldn't be any such thing as hacking

These people won't let the so-called hacking accusation end.  However, one may ask what is being referred to by the term.

My understanding of it is to gain unauthorized access to computer information.

If computers were secured, then how would there be any hacking?

Also, why are computers not secure?

Surely, they are not behind unlocked doors.

Since that is not the case, then what we are talking about is online access.  Then the online security is weak, no doubt.

Why is online security weak?  That's the 64k dollar question.  But the answer is that with any security scheme, it is only as good as who is in charge of it.  If somebody is really sharp, you aren't getting by them.

Hence, the only reason that there is hacking is that not enough people seem to think it important that it be stopped.

Therefore, we will have hacking until the cows come home.  Nobody cares enough to stop it.  I conclude by saying that all hacking references are bravo sierra.

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