Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How reliable is the news? ( Updated 5.30.17 )

Not very, it seems.  If you chase some of this stuff down enough, you will find questionable sources.  I see them in the news blurbs out there.

Fake news makes it in the conscience stream and seems to stay them even when its accuracy has been questioned elsewhere.  Case in point:  it seems like the Russian hacking of the DNC server was questioned long ago.  Yet, it is still being claimed to be true.  Or not adequately debunked.

Comey was questioned about the alleged DNC hacking by the Russians, and he said that the FIB never even had direct access to their servers because the Dems refused.  A third party was allowed access, and this is what the FIB relied upon in its report.  The credibility of that third party has been questioned by Voice of America.  Why was the FIB relying upon third party information in its reports?  Why is the FIB adding to the fake news?

If this is true, then how did WikiLeaks get those emails?  That leads you back to the murder of the DNC staffer, Seth Rich.  Later, those reports seem to get debunked too, but Fox has not retracted its story about the staffer.  In any event, the original reports about the Russian hack are questionable at best.

We still don't have a solution to the murder of Seth Rich.  We still don't know how WikiLeaks got those emails.  Why is nobody interested in that?  Why are these people still chasing the Russian hack when there's only questionable evidence of that, and there's an unsolved murder that could explain it?

Oh, and there's been more than more DNC staffer murdered recently.

15:02, 5.17.17:

It seems that the decision to stand down on the investigation of the Rich murder is highly questionable.  Who told them to stand down??????????????????????????????????


After re-reading the CIA dump story linked above, I am convinced that the original claim that the Russians hacked the DNC emails, which was reported by the FIB ( who is in the fake news biz, it seems ), has been completely debunked.  In other words, it is FAKE.

The Fox Story has not, as far as I can tell.  In other words, a murder may explain it all, but nobody is interested, especially the DC police and the FIB.

But the Dems sure didn't want Comey fired, now did they?


Who the hell is this Jim Comey anyway?  Suspicions seem to be alighting upon him.  Could that be the real reason he has been fired?  He may be corrupt.  Did you know that Comey was connected to the Valerie Plame nonsense, that got Scooter Libby charged with a process crime even though Libby wasn't the one who outed Plame?  That Comey has been connected to the Clintons for a long, long time?  Comey was appointed US Attorney by POTUS George W. Bush.  Funny about all these connections.  Comey was connected to Clintons before Bush became Prez.  Okay, why did Bush appoint him?  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.


The dogs that aren't barking.  Normally, when someone prominent like the congress-lady from Arizona, gets shot, the media and the Dems play it up.  But no noise whatever from them about the Seth Rich murder, who was one of their own.  The dogs weren't barking.  Why not?


What I have found out
  • WikiLeaks' Assange said that a disgruntled staffer was the source of the WikiLeaks emails, not a Russian hacker
  • WikiLeaks paid for the private investigator that investigated the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich
  • Private investigator said that FIB or DC police has Rich's computer
  • DC police was told to stand down on the investigation of the murder
  • The Russian email hack has been completely debunked.  It is most likely a planted story by the FBI  ( aka here as FIB)
  • Comey was the director of the FIB while this was happening
  • Obama was still POTUS while this was happening
  • Comey has a long history with the Clintons
  • Comey was US Attorney in charge of the investigation of the controversial Clinton pardon of Marc Rich
  • Comey is connected with naming of the special prosecutor that convicted Scooter Libby of a process crime.  Comey named Patrick Fitzgerald the special counsel in connection with the Valerie Plame affair.  The affair was about a leak of Plame's identity.  The actual leaker was not prosecuted.
The dogs weren't barking at the killing of a DNC staffer, but they are barking furiously at Trump.  It is for what reason?  A non-existent hacker?  Or to protect somebody guilty of a crime?

5.30.17, 6:15:

Why bring up the Seth Rich murder?  You have a murder of a DNC staffer.  The DNC doesn't want anyone poking into their business in order to investigate a murder, for heavens sake.  But we don't have a crime, and so we must investigate Trump-Russian connections. /sarc

Once again, it seems to me that the whole point of investigating Trump is to hide a crime.  You already have the DNC trying to hide something.  What are they trying to hide?

It seems to me that if you are sympathetic to the Democrats, then why bring up the Seth Rich murder?

Dogs barking now?  Why now?  Why bark at this, but why not bark at Trump instead?  Curious.

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