Friday, March 10, 2017

Can you spot the PR BS in this "news" piece?

Sex Orgies, prostitution, porn:  Allegations shake Catholic Church in Italy

According to the media, the "Pope" is blameless.  It is his faithless flock that is to blame.  Do you recognize the pattern?  Did we not have the same with Barak Hussein Obama?  Obama could never do wrong their eyes.  Whatever went wrong was always somebody else's fault.  If you ever said anything, you were called a "racist".

Notice however, how these people turn back to tradition and blame the man on top when a GOP guy is in the White House.

The media has become nothing but a group of political hacks hellbent on destruction of this country.  Maybe something can be done about them.  Something needs to be done about them.

This "Pope", from what I can hear, is probably egging this stuff on.  Instead, the media won't report it that way.  No, to them, this "Pope" is really "strict", with high standards.  That is most likely a load of BS.

Stuff like this is what makes me wonder how intelligent people can fall for what these people say.

Whether it is "climate science" or this, just about everything coming from them reeks of falsehood.

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