Saturday, March 11, 2017

Civil War videos

These have been lying around for several years.  Sometime back when I bought these videos, I decided that I didn't like them, and so I haven't seen much of them.

But, it sometimes becomes a bit boring around here, so I started watching them recently.  What got my interest was that both Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson believed that God was on their side.

It is an interesting proposition to consider when you think about something like that.  But if God chose a favorite in that war, it is obvious that he didn't favor the South.

Yet the North was not so virtuous, in my opinion.  As opposed to the South, leaving aside slavery, the South may well have been more virtuous.  The better society lost.

A commercialized America is what we ended up is my point.  In my opinion, we are all too consumed by money in this so-called commercial republic.  On the farm, you have what you need.  However, in the city, you will have the breeding ground for crime and corruption of all sorts.  Again, in my opinion, the love of money is what corrupts men and women, and it is this corruption that is corroding the character of the people of this nation.  Indeed, the lack of character is the core of our problem.

If there were any character left, we wouldn't have placed such leaders as William Jefferson Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama in the White House.  But you have Nixon, too.  It isn't one sided on the partisan level.  Both parties are corrupt.  The difference is that the GOP pretends to care, and the Democrats obviously could care less about such concepts as integrity and honor.

So the nation slowly "Slouches toward Gommorah", as the GOP pretends to be a speed bump on the road to hell.

While I think that Trump is far superior to Hillary, and therefore we are better off; he is no antidote to the poison that is killing this society.

There may not be a happy ending to this story.

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