Thursday, March 9, 2017

This amazes me when I see it

From Instapundit, Disney boss says there's no  media bias.  This leads me to believe that there some cognitive deficiency that prevents these people to recognize how they are behaving against any kind of standard.

If you look objectively at the situation at all, you have to conclude that there is bias.  A person cannot help but biased in terms of their own point of view.  To deny this is to claim that you have no point of view at all, or that you don't care about anything at all.

For instance, these people tend to favor AGW theory.  So, if you believe that to be true, how can you be objective about it?  Once a thing becomes emotionalized, reason leaves the picture.  If they were objective about it, they could listen to "climate sceptics".  Instead, they want to shut them up.  That ain't being objective, ya'll.  Don't tell me you are objective about it when it is an article of faith for you.  It like asking a Christian if he believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  It is an article of faith.  If the Christian truly believes it, he's not going to objectively listen to arguments against it.  Reason has left that arena.  You believe in what you believe, or you don't.  But AGW isn't supposed to be religion.  It is supposed to be science, and should not have anything to do with emotions.

Science is about logic, reason, and evidence.  It isn't about how you feel about it.

So, when one of them says that he isn't being biased, you have to wonder if there's something not working right upstairs.  It is a cognitive deficit.  Or that they are lying through their teeth.  It is really tempting for me to believe that they are lying.  At times, it starts to piss me off a bit.

So, I am amazed when a seemingly intelligent person could say something completely ludicrous as saying that there is no media bias.  It is like, do you think I am stupid or something?

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