Saturday, March 11, 2017

Finally, It’s Put-Up or Shut-Up Time on Healthcare - by Robert Ringer

Finally, It’s Put-Up or Shut-Up Time on Healthcare - by Robert Ringer: The Republican’s initial offering for an Obamacare replacement has a lot of people very nervous, especially those who have to run for office again in 2018. Everyone acknowledges that the bill doesn’t come anywhere near close to accomplishing what Republicans have been promising for seven years — replacing the much-hated Obamacare with a cost-effective solution …


Ringer comes up with a lot of good stuff, but this isn't one of his better efforts.  You can have ideology making an otherwise intelligent person stupid.  Oh, by the way, "groupthink" is being blamed for failing to predict a Trump victory.  But the media and the left promote groupthink.  Anybody who knows what is meant by the term could see it coming a million miles away.


The thing I forgot to mention is that Ringer may be following in the footsteps of what you see a lot of these days.  He surrounds himself with fellow travelers who reinforce the notion that he is a genius.  They are a bunch of lackeys who reinforce his notion that he is infallible. 

Here's a news flash to some of you out there:  we are ALL fallible.

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